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Our New Home

As many of you know, we’ve recently moved from a small 1-bedroom in a 1920s building to a brand new LEED-certified (green-built) 1-bedroom plus office.  We’re a bit closer to downtown, the space is twice as large as our previous apartment, it’s very energy efficient, we have a small balcony, plus access to 2 rooftop decks and a fitness room… We LOVE it.

We haven’t quite finished decorating, but here is a peek at our new home…


Living Room - Toward Window

Our Living Room/Dining Room


Living Room - Plants and Books

Our Living Room/Dining Room


Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen/Dining Area


Everything looks a bit compressed here, but these two rooms are the size of our entire former apartment.  Not that big is always good, but in this case, small was too small for comfort…



Our Bathroom

(You can see Raisin has found many new places to hide!)


The bedroom and office aren’t quite up to par yet, so you’ll have to wait to see those.  I’ll also show you our rooftop view later - it’s just down the hall, and I’ve found it is an absolutely perfect place to write.  So lastly, here is the view from our apartment:


Our View Looking North, to Lake Union

Our View Looking North, to Lake Union

(The crane is one of many building the new Amazon campus)


Our View Looking East, to Capitol Hill

Our View Looking East, to Capitol Hill

(Where we used to live)


Our View Looking Southeast, to Downtown and First Hill

Our View Looking Southeast, to Downtown and First Hill


And lastly, our two very happy animals…


Raisin and Ellis

Ellis and Raisin, who both love the new place


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18 comments to Our New Home

  • Sigh… I miss Seattle! Totally beautiful! Congrats on finding such a great place. And I’m totally impressed you’re this unpacked and organized! Wow!

  • Faaaancy! Looks wonderful, Melinda. Enjoy your new digs.

  • It’s beautiful! And the most important part is that you all seem happy there. Congrats!

  • congratulations!

    It looks beautiful. I love kitty under the cabinet(:

  • Rob

    LOL Looks like a great place. Many years of happiness in your new home.

  • What defines “green built”?

  • Beautiful, on top of everything else it seems lovely and light. Good Luck with your new space, I hope it brings you joy.

    Kind Regards

  • It looks sleek and beautiful. And spacious, from what you say! Congrats.

  • Meg

    Wow, the new place is gorgeous! Congrats!

  • I bet the critters love the extra room. I love the views. Your spaces are so calming…enjoy!

  • You all are very kind. : ) Thank you!

    Maybelline, our building is LEED silver – LEED is a national rating system based on sustainability in a bunch of different areas. You can find more about it here:

    Vulcan (owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft) is rejuvenating our neighborhood – which was until recently mainly abandoned light industrial lots from a former Seattle era. All of the many mixed use buildings they are creating are green – even down to swales in the xero landscaping (to filter runoff before it hits ground water) and rebuilding the old trolley line for public transportation in the neighborhood. It’s actually pretty incredible. Their goal is to be the first green-certified neighborhood (who knows what that means exactly, but it’s pretty cool).

  • In case anyone is curious, I looked into what LEED-certified neighborhooods are. Apparently it is a new project by the Green Building Council and the National Resources Defense Council – South Lake Union (my neighborhood) is participating in it’s pilot program now. It seems to incorporate a lot of what we discuss here at One Green Generation:

    LEED for Neighborhood Development Community

    Encourage healthy living
    LEED for Neighborhood Development emphasizes the creation of compact, walkable, vibrant, mixed-use neighborhoods with good connections to nearby communities. Research has shown that living in a mixed-use environment within walking distance of shops and services results in increased walking and biking, which improve human cardiovascular and respiratory health and reduce the risk of hypertension and obesity.

    Reduce urban sprawl
    In order to reduce the impacts of urban sprawl, or unplanned, uncontrolled spreading of urban development into areas outside of the metropolitan region, and create more livable communities, LEED for Neighborhood Development communities are:

    * locations that are closer to existing town and city centers.
    * areas with good transit access.
    * infill sites.
    * previously developed sites.
    * sites adjacent to existing development.

    Typical sprawl development, low-density housing and commercial uses located in automobile-dependent areas, can harm the natural environment in a number of ways. It can consume and fragment farmland, forests and wildlife habitat; degrade water quality through destruction of wetlands and increased stormwater runoff; and pollute the air with increased automobile travel.

    Protect threatened species
    Fragmentation and loss of habitat are major threats to many imperiled species. LEED encourages compact development patterns and the selection of sites that are within or adjacent to existing development to minimize habitat fragmentation and also help preserve areas for recreation.

    Increase transportation choice and decrease automobile dependence.
    These two things go hand-in-hand; convenient transportation choices such as buses, trains, car pools, bicycle lanes and sidewalks, for example, are typically more available near downtowns, neighborhood centers and town centers, which are also the locations that produce shorter automobile trips.

    More here if you’re interested in reading further:

  • Your new place looks very cool. Is it an apartment or a condo? That’s a great area to be in.

    I wish my place looked that neat!

  • What a beautiful Space, I love all the dark wood, the light and the plants!! The cat in the bathroom was the first thing to catch my eye in there LOL.
    Thanks for the peek.

  • Crunchy, it’s a condo turned apartment (due to the housing market crash). We love this area. And yes, my husband is great at keeping it neat – he’s whipped me into being neat as well. : )

  • [...] plus office in the South Lake Union area – just on the north edge of downtown.  You can see photos here, if you like.  It’s an area of town that was quite desolate until recently, with many [...]

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