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How Is Your Walking??!

Hello everyone!  I’m alive but not particularly well.  I’ve been fighting off the flu.  So please forgive the intermittant posts this week.  I’m severely lacking energy.

But I wanted to learn how your walking is going!

10,000 Steps Challenge

Here’s a Bit from My Experiences:

I pledged to walk just about 5 miles every day:  from home to work, then from work to the community garden and back home.

Up until a few days ago (when I became ill), I was really enjoying the walks.  I walk right through the heart of downtown Seattle, passing walking commuters, bicycle commuters, bus commuters, and of course some cars, too.  I LOVE being a part of the hustle and bustle of life, and wondering with interest how different (and at the same time how similar) people are.

My walks consist of daily observations, smiles to friendly people, and a whole lot of good thinking.  It has become quite a meditative experience.  I’m able to clear my mind of many stresses and really focus on things that matter to me.  The brainstorms I’ve had while walking have been incredible!

I love it!

That said, it hasn’t been perfection.  Or rather, I have not been perfectly on top of walking.  A couple of times I’ve been running late – or feeling ill – and have taken the bus about 2/3 of the way to or from work.  And I have yet to make it to the community garden on the way home.  I’m thinking I need to re-evaluate that and do it on the way to work when I’m fresh, rather than on the way home from work when I just want to go home, see my husband, and eat dinner.

So I need to change my original plan a bit.  On Monday, assuming I feel better, I’ll begin my routine with walking to the garden in the morning, and then going to work from there.  Then I need to figure out how to eke out a bit more time in the day – it seems crazy, but that extra hour of walking has taken its toll on my schedule, so I need to rearrange my daily schedule a bit.  Live and learn.

How Are You Doing With Your Walking Schedule?

And if you’d like to join us, please feel free!  Good for your health, your emotional well-being, and brings you closer to your community!

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11 comments to How Is Your Walking??!

  • I mostly bike around town at home, but I’m currently on vacation and on foot again (like the old days before I got a bike). Have already put in about 6 miles on hiking trails in a city park here in San Jose. Now it’s time to go find some lunch…

    I haven’t put in much time walking since I started biking, but it feels really good!

  • I’m a little skeptical of the “10,000 steps” as the magic number. I don’t think it takes into account the other activities you do in a day — if you work hard in the garden you’re also getting exercise and will probably want to take that out of your 10,000 steps.

    That said, the only place I’m comfortable walking to right now from my house is the library, a 3mi. round trip. But I can’t go there every day or even every week, since I end up taking out 7 books at a time. There’s a shopping area a little further that I might try to get to sometime, but I also want to curb my spending a bit. So walking around here is hard, but I try at least to park far away from things and walk from one place to another when it’s close. And I do yard work. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon, Melinda! You should take some time to rest up, catch your breath. Getting the flu is not good.

  • Hope you feel better soon!

    On top of what I normally do, I’ve walked a few extra miles this week in lieu of riding the bus. It’s been beautiful early in the morning this last week.

    I find walking to be very meditative too. One of my walks gave me the space to work out a problem I’ve been facing. Walking really does mean a lot of things to me; meditation, green transportation, a way to slow down and see my community and the world around me, and of course, exercise.

  • shitu

    I am walking for 20 min a day. And able to do it for 4-5 days a week. I think this comes arround 3000 steps.

    I agree with Stephanie, the 10,000 steps should include other activities to.

    I try to park my car far whenever I can.

  • Sorry to hear you have been sick. Don’t you just hate that when you’re fired up to start something with a bang? I have been walking and feeling it more in the heat – where my body knows it is more of a workout despite the distance, time or steps being identical to the cooler workouts.

    The digital step counter is a piece of poop. Today I am trying to teach myself how to utilize the google map features. As usual with learning new software, I feel my hands are wrapped in gauze – slow going.

  • I’d rather track distance than steps. Here’s a website I just love for mapping out routes and distances, anywhere:
    Use the “jump to” box at the top to get to your country and town, magnify once you’ve got your location centered, select the start recording button, and double-click intersections to plot your route. In the U.S. you can even ask for elevation change info.

  • Joe G

    Cheers darling! I’m fellow smiling downtown dweller. Please reconfigure your schedule to your new life style. Downtown could use some more smiles!

  • bbjenae

    I hope you are better now! Walking is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle and save on gas. I have tried to incorporate walking in my everyday schedule, but unfortunately it hasn’t been successful. I’m going to make a walking schedule this week, so I can get fit and stay healthy!

  • With the heat this time of year, just about the only walking is with the dogs in the early morning and cooler evening times. For errands, I hop on my bike instead, which is now even an option midday since I got an electric assist for it. I’m challenging myself to leave the car parked in the driveway and bike everywhere. I’ve also made this into a challenge for others who want to explore alternative transportation (walking, biking, public transit) to driving.

    Hope you are fully recovered and back on your feet now!

  • @Sadge – Thank you so much for that valuable link.

  • becky

    @Sadge- yes! thank you for the fantastic mapping link!

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