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What Concerns You Most In The World?



Hey there, everyone!  I thought it was time to have a little fun.  I realized the other day that we don’t all come here to One Green Generation for the same reasons.  I write about sustainability because that’s extremely important to me.  But maybe it’s not for you.  So… what does concern you most in the world?


Here’s My Answer:


I’m most concerned about climate change.  Followed by world health, poverty, and protection for other species.  These are things that I think about every day. (You know, just the little things!)


Other things I care about most are my family, and my own health – so that I can do the work I’d like to do, and to be the companion I want to be.


Together, these concerns drive me.  They are a big part of who I am today.  I write about sustainable living because I believe very strongly that if we all lived sustainably, each of these concerns would be addressed.  It doesn’t matter how we start, nor really how we get there, as long as we do come to live sustainably.  And so I write about many different ways to do so.


So, What About You?


What concerns you most in the world?  Please share your thoughts and join the conversation!


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21 comments to What Concerns You Most In The World?

  • I guess I would say that I’m concerned about the same things you are. But climate change seems so big and so abstract a problem to me, that my focus is slightly different. I’m worried about how to manage the transition to a much lower energy future. And since I’m fairly well obsessed with food, I’ve been thinking mostly about how my husband and I are going to continue to eat, cook, and stay warm through our long winters in Pennsylvania. In the end, of course, much of what I do to prepare my immediate family and household for life with less energy directly affects climate change as well.

    In part of my heart, I value biodiversity and the preservation of other species even more than I value the continued existence of my own. I am deeply disturbed by the increased pace of extinctions happening around the globe. In the end though (geological timescale), I have confidence in the planet’s ability to restore itself and create new webs of life in new ecosystems. If those ecosystems don’t include humans, I think that would be okay. No other species has done so much damage to the planet, so I don’t exactly think we have any superior claim to continued existence. Yeah, I’m pretty harsh that way.

  • I am most concerned about climate change as well. I’ve read a few sites which say that in 20 years we won’t be able to live on the planet at the rate we are going. So scary!

  • M

    There are so many things to lose sleep over that I try often to not think about them at all. Well I should say, not obsess over them. I avoid any bad planet news, period. I’m not an ostrich with my head in the sand though. My and my family’s goals are keeping a small C footprint, growing and raising our own, buying local, reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing as well as supporting politicians that take our fears seriously. I know that these things will address many of the problems our planet is facing in addition to serving my family directly.

    The true answer is I probably worry about it all, but as a mom I have to put it out of my head or I’ll become paralyzed with fear for my children.

  • Sustainability. :) Maybe this goes in circles, but also peace. I think about whether I’m approaching my day, the world with respect.

  • Apart from all of the scary news about our warming planet, I sometimes think about what if we woke up each morning and didn’t hear the birds chirping (they are extremely loud outside my window this morning…) and we couldn’t see the seasons change by the bright red, orange, yellow leaves falling or flowers blooming. Even in my life time I have noticed as the years go by, more brown leaves come up during the fall than changing the normal state of bright colors, that is because of how warm our planet is. It is the smallest beauties of our Earth I am worried about loosing when it is too late…

    But then I look around and see how MANY people are doing their part, like YOU and me: inform others of how to live a little more simply. It is VERY overwhelming for the average person to wrap your head around this extremely large issue of our future, but looking to another average person just like you, who can give you insightful, inspiring messages. With a little information on how to live green, simple steps, it can be POSSIBLE for everyone to do their part and all feel good about it. Along with informing ourselves of what our government can and IS doing to curve global warming, we can all easily do this TOGETHER!

  • Primarily how to live an ethical life connected to my spirituality…which leads me to focus on things like: how to be a good steward of our planet and of those we inhabit the planet with (people and animals), how to be the kind of mom my children need, and how to navigate our capatalistic, materialistic society with all of its pulls away from these all-important things. I’m constantly learning how I can better live up to my goals, and align my actions to the spiritual and ethical responsibilities that I feel I have to all that is my life.

  • I’m a big picture person too. And without copping out and saying ditto on Heather’s post…

    I think the biggest problem is the death of biodiversity on the planet…and the reason is that we as the apex species act more like a virus than a member of the ecosystem.

  • katecontinued

    All that is needed to solve the global crises is here right now. All of the creativity and strategies are at the disposal of our government and all of us – and has been for decades. Millions of us are learning how to redefine normal, as Melinda would say. I am focused on my own existence and the community around me to live best way I know how to live. Worldwide our numbers are growing, but within the USA’s 300 million, our numbers are far too tiny.

    Until there is the will to make the changes and to dismantle the multi-nationals, the bankers (the tiny group) who now are in control, I fear for human survival. Ferocious greed and entitlement fuel the power to obstruct, to obfuscate and to wield violence (through ICE, FBI, CIA, ADF, the vast military, state highway patrol and local police) to maintain power held all around the globe. The US imperial forces have more than 800 military bases around the world. Why? The money to solve all health, poverty, climate problems has been handed over to the US military budget. Why? Even torture is acceptable in this the most powerful country. This is daunting and my biggest fear is the millions who are sleeping through it all, yet they feel like proud Americans as it is happening. These millions have been trained to believe it is rude to mention anything that might be critical of this country, despite democracy (by definition) demanding we the people not just defend but voice dissent. Continued chaos and hardship only strengthens the oligarchy. My biggest concern.

  • patty

    First and foremost my family and my health…..on that note, that the environment is ok for the future generations……recycling is one of my major concerns……recycle or reuse……not to waste and definitely composting….just remember never to put meat in your composter…

  • I love this question! Thank you for asking it and for inviting our responses!

    There are definitely challenges that I think are most pressing (such as human overpopulation and all the problems that flow from it), but what drives me is my concern about education because I see it as the potential solution to all of our problems and the most neglected avenue for creating lasting positive change.

    In my work as the president of the Institute for Humane Education, I am trying to ignite a paradigm shift about what schooling is for. Currently, we educate students for verbal and mathematical literacy and so that they can find jobs. We do not educate them to be solutionaries for a better world. We do not teach them to be conscious choicemakers and engaged changemakers for a peaceful, sustainable, and humane world for all.

    We all know we’re living on the brink of multiple catastrophes – that’s presumably why you asked this great question of us. Only when the overarching purpose of education is to provide people with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to commit their ingenuity, creativity, and time – through whatever professions and volunteerism they choose – to the development of systems that are fair, sustainable, and peaceful, will we be able to solve our problems and create healthy and just societies.

    My recent book, Most Good, Least Harm, explores how each of us can, through our daily choices, acts of citizenship, volunteerism, activism, and work, do the most good and the least harm to ourselves, other people, other species and the environment. Imagine if youth were to learn how to do this in school. Imagine if this was the purpose of school.
    We won’t all come to the same conclusions about what does the most good and the least harm, but we’ll have healthy, engaged discussions about this great task, and we will figure out better systems that protect ecosystems, prevent slavery and exploitation, halt institutionalized cruelty, and so much more.

    For anyone interested in learning about Humane Education and finding out how to be a humane educator and join in this effort, I invite you to visit our website:

    Thanks for this great site and the work you are doing!


  • I am worried my business will be taxed to death to support a bloated governmental bureaucracy to give handouts to those who aren’t willing to work for it. I am also concerned that I won’t be able to drive the car that I want to drive or be able to give money to the charities that I choose.

    I know that I am often a voice of opposition here, but I appreciate your blog!

  • > “I’m most concerned about climate change. Followed by world health, poverty, and protection for other species. These are things that I think about every day…Other things I care about most are my family, and my own health – so that I can do the work I’d like to do, and to be the companion I want to be.”

    Gee, +1 and in the same order too, more or less.

    Sometimes what I most DON’T want is slugs … on my vegs …

  • katecontinued

    Small world indeed, I just happened to pick up Most Good, Least Harm at the local library last week. I haven’t yet started it.

  • I’m concerned that people are acting like sheep believing that there is global warming. Even if there is global warming (and I don’t believe there is – I base my belief in science), I find it remarkable that people think that their actions, like changing light bulbs, will change the world. Very arrogant. Initially, the whole global warming thing was a marketing farce to me. As time progresses with so many items being marketed as “green”, I feel quite validated.

    With that, I concern myself with growing a healthy garden for me and my husband to keep our kitchen stocked with fresh produce. It’s a wonderful hobby. The garden blogging world is also a wonderful source to share so much. Thanks for the forum.

  • The posters above have touched on pretty much everything that concerns me..but I suppose the biggest concern is that so many people don’t care. Or that they claim to care and then don’t do anything about it.

    In person I try to be positive and enthusiastic, but privately I despair a lot.

  • becky

    what beany said. exactly.

  • Stacy

    I am very concerned about food security. I don’t like not knowing what is in the food I’m eating, or the environmental problems that result in shipping foods long distances to grocery stores. Genetically modified foods are making their way into our diets without our knowledge, and none of us know the long term effects on our health and environment.

    I am also concerned about the amount of garbage that makes it’s way into landfills every day. We live in a disposable society where we are constantly buying cheap low quality goods that need replacing in a short amount of time. It will catch up to us in the future, and we’ll pay the price for it.

    I try to make a difference where I can, and I know everyone who reads here does too. It can be difficult to change minds and frustrating when things continue down the same destructive path. Just keep your chin up and keep on trying! Minds are changing every day!

  • For me, I am worried about our abillity to be self sustaining. I am for alternative energy, and lowering our carbon footprints. I would love to do this on a local community level but that means I would have to talk to people. 8-o

  • brigittassen

    the rising culture of death in our political world. Climate changes have always happened, and the pendulum swings back and forth over centuries- I’d rather the human race fall to climate change than under it’s own hatred.

    At least the earth isn’t hating us, it’s just moving on.

  • I worry about my kids most of all. I worry about the toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis. They are in our foods, toiletries, water, even breastmilk! I worry about pollution since we have a well and live in the country near fields sprayed with pesticides and herbicides (not our crops, though!). I’ve seen air pollution and lots of it when living in Phoenix and it is not pretty or healthy. I recently drove by a coal-fired power plant in central Illinois. The trees right near the power plant were dead. I guess that’s not surprising, but it is alarming, isn’t it?

    I think that global warming skeptics focus a bit too much on global warming. I know that sounds backwards, but hear me out. EVEN if global warming/climate change is not happening, doing all the things that we environmentalists do, such as using CFLs, recycling, reducing oil consumption, etc. is good for the environment. Doing all those things reduces air and water pollution, acid rain, etc. So to me, even if global warming is not happening, it’s well worth it to me to keep living the green life.

  • Thank you all for chiming in. LOL, katecontinued meet the author of the book you’re reading. ; ) Happy coincidences!

    Seriously, I value each of your thoughts and thank you for sharing them.

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