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Manifesting Your Self In Everything You Do

The Simple | Green | Frugal Co-op

I’ve posted this at the Co-op today.  Would love you to come visit!

This weekend I had a great time of meetings, food, and drinks at my new company.  It was sort of a retreat to welcome a new partner into the organization, and to figure out some big strategic and organizational issues.  At the same time we were having these meetings, one of our partners was having his first child.  Another partner had his second child just over a week ago.  It’s quite a time of new beginnings.

And I realized at the end of the weekend that I was proud of my self and my life.  It has taken me a long time to do this, but at long last, I have really manifested my true self into my business, my home, my friendships, my family, my neighborhood, and most every other part of my life.

I look back and I wonder how.  I have made a lot of conscious choices to understand myself, who I am, and who I want to become.  I have been striving to make a positive impact on the world for the last 20 years.  I’ve been striving to make myself a happier, healthier person for the last 5 or 10 years.  I have been striving to become an open, honest, and caring person for a as long as I can remember.  And I’ve worked hard to bring all of these things into my home life over several years.

But now, finally, I am working in a JOB where I can have my dreams and I don’t have to hide them.Please come read more!!

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3 comments to Manifesting Your Self In Everything You Do

  • katecontinued

    Let me be the first to remark – you are doing a remarkable job. I remember our first exchanges via email about our blogs. You have taken something humble and grown it into a solid gift for us all. I am beholden and I think you should enjoy this new phase for all its worth. Melinda, your blog is one of my first stops each and every day. Kudos.

    I chose a different milieu and approach than any concept I ever had or dream I ever dreamed. I simply let myself bloom where I was planted – in a trailer park with no money and no job – but with my health and my interests. Being 60 changed my approach in ways I would have never predicted 20 or 40 years ago, yet it is all coming together in a way that I too am proud. I am influencing lives around me and making an impact in my community. I grow healthier myself physcially and otherwise by living my beliefs.

    Oh yes – I used Matt’s recipe for cobbler Sunday and I loved it. I intended to share with more neighbors, but I ate almost all of it myself. LOL

  • Kate, thank you – it’s truly wonderful to hear your support. We both have grown immeasurably since we first exchanged emails! I love what you are doing, and I think it sounds absolutely perfect – that you are in the right place, doing the right things. I’m glad you liked the cobbler!

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