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How Did You Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Flowering Magnolia on Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!


I know many of you are mothers, and I want to wish you all a joyous and peaceful Mother’s Day.  Several of my good friends have recently given birth, so happy Mother’s Day to all you new mothers as well.  And, of course, to my mother.  She’s at a soccer game today, so we’ll be celebrating her day next weekend instead. We seemed to have started a tradition of having homemade currant scones, yogurt, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  I can’t wait!  How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?


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10 comments to How Did You Celebrate Mother’s Day?

  • Rob

    Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers!

    I took mom to brunch at The Muckleshoot Casino (Her choice) Then we gambled a bit and I came home and wen to the sustainable Burien meeting.

  • I spent the day planting in my new garden. My hubby got me a ‘watering wand’ to put on the hose. It was a beautiful day, sunny and mid 60s and my youngest son helped me carry mulch. What more could I ask for.

  • I led a workshop on making yogurt and granola for Preserving Traditions. I’d hoped my mom could come, but her B&B was swamped today.

  • I made a nice Organic dinner for the wife and kids. We have been eating organic food for 7 months now and we love it. We will never go back to the GMO. Take the Organic Food Challenge with us.

  • I was proud of myself that I got to talk to my mom a bit…

  • After waking to find flowers and new coffee mugs, my family took me to breakfast out. The girls and I went to church. My oldest daughter got her ears pierced. We went to my mom’s for a cookout (tenderloin, salad, baked potatoes, and 3 desserts – and I didn’t lift a finger). We closed the day with the girls scootering around the neighborhood while we walked the dog. A great Mother’s Day!

  • Trish The promised land

    We picked up our 3 little Nubian Kids from two local farms that produce local goat cheese! Yay! I’m a new mom again!

  • It was also my birthday. SIXTY, oh my. The kids came down from PDX and took me into the mountains …

  • Linda

    I am a bit late in answering but it was a grand day. We all went to brunch with the in-law parents too – 12 in all. Then spent the afternoon wearing off what we had eaten by tramping many miles through the buffalo farm and woods looking for the morels. Good year for them.
    Next we had a grilled dinner complete with many morels to eat. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

  • We had a nice time at home. I made organic tacos and greens. We love the organic movement. Live chemical free or die toxic. Borganic

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