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On Earth Day, I Worked To Create World Change

On Earth Day I went to a meeting.  An amazing meeting.  At our new company, we’re working hard to figure out ways to change the world while still making money to live on.  It has been a struggle all of my adult life.

Yesterday we met with a global microfinance leader, and for two hours discussed how we could change the world by changing our current investment system.  Instead of investing our money in companies that hurt the world just so that our money is “safe”, we can all be investing in helping others get out of poverty around the world.  Our money is even proven safer when we do this.

We’re still talking preliminarily, so I can’t divulge more, but suffice it to say that Earth Day for me was very meaningful.  I stayed up all night the night before working on the proposal for this meeting, and boy that was difficult (as I’m getting older!) but it was worth it more than almost any other all-night experiences I’ve ever had.

We live in difficult economic times, that is certain.  I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do what I did right now.  I left a lucrative career in film, and started a business during the worst financial crisis in my time!

But if you are thinking about how you can change the world with your work, I encourage you to think a little harder about it.  And to act on it.  How can you change your industry for the better, from within?  Can you make your workplace more green doing little things?  Can you help write a sustainability plan for your industry?  Can you even just bring like-minded people together at your workplace and talk about little changes you can make?  Think about it, and then do something.  Just start.

I will say it is not easy, and any change has roadblocks along the way.  But it will likely make you happier, our communities healthier, and our overall lifestyles more sustainable.  I can tell you first-hand, that it is incredibly rewarding.

Many of you wrote the other day that every day is Earth Day.  Your responses were wonderful – I love the meaningful things we all did on Earth Day.  Let’s do it every day.

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5 comments to On Earth Day, I Worked To Create World Change

  • It’s it wonderful to actually make a living at something that benefits the entire earth!? Ok. So I’m not actually “making a living” at what I do, but it does feel good to make a difference!

  • I enjoy reading your blog. You’re so upbeat and encouraging. Thanks. A former coworker had your attitude; change the little stuff on which you can have an effect. It was nice working with her.

  • monica

    What a neat picture! My Grandma had a machine similar to that, with a sewing table under it with 6 tiny drawers along each side. I have not been to her house in over 30 years, but I can remember it plain as day. She could sew through coveralls like it was a hot knife through butter.

    Keep us posted on the progress of your new business.

  • Heather, Work is work, whether making a living at it or not! ; ) I am not currently making a living at what I’m doing either, but hope to soon – as my husband will be going to school in the fall! And yes, it’s so rewarding!

    Kim and Victoria, Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot. Thank you for reading.

    monica, Wonderful memories. I will definitely keep you updated. My work has become a large part of my work to live sustainably.

    pattie, Thanks!

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