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What Non-Commercial Things Are You Doing For Earth Day?

Thanks to nutmeg66 on Flickr


Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd.  I don’t know about you, but I have been inundated with emails telling me what to buy, what great things companies are doing, where to donate, and what wonderful product I should be writing about on my website.

In some ways, it’s great that Earth Day has become more mainstream.  More people are thinking about the planet, companies are thinking about greening their products to cater to a new, more green audience.


At the same time, Earth Day was once a celebration of the Earth, and a reminder to become more involved with its health and well-being.  That’s the important part, isn’t it?


So, are you doing anything exciting or meaningful for Earth Day?  I would love to know, and I’m sure others here would like some new ideas as well.


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24 comments to What Non-Commercial Things Are You Doing For Earth Day?

  • I’m a non-consumer at heart (just happier without all the stuff). I’ll probably take a bike ride, maybe a walk, but for sure, I’ll be celebrating Earth Day in my veggie garden – weeding, watering, and admiring those baby tomatoes…

  • Every day is Earth Day!

    So like any other Wednesday, I’ll be taking the train / biking to work, using my Sigg water bottle, going to yoga after work, and enjoying the beauty of my garden and a book from the library at the end of the day.

    I do work at a college, and out EcoLogic club is hosting an Eco Fair. I’ll be heading down to check that out during the day.

  • katecontinued

    I just found out that the elementary school is planting 50+ trees. Sadly, this was one of those hair brained schemes where someone in the district raced out a bought a bunch of trees without any perception of natives or drought resistance, etc. Like most earth day events I have ever seen – it is a sort of hysterical, obligatory exercise for maximum statistical claptrap and visuals – rather than veneration of our essential life processes. Having said all that, I will probably cross the street and help out as much as I can.

    See, I think that the inevitable death of trees to come will provide teaching opportunities. Everything is connected.

  • I’m going to look out the window and watch it rain as I work from home. I’m in Jennifer’s camp. Everyday is Earth Day. Our town did have a recycle day over the weekend however. It was a bit of a misnomer since it wasn’t really recycling. It was a reuse day (bikes, building materials, kids stuff, electronics, ….. and a lot more) and toxic waste collection day. I sent in what I had.

  • What I do every day. Inspired, in many ways, by things I have read here. Certainly not going to DRIVE somewhere to jump up and down about it …

  • My environmental science students are building solar cookers and we’ll have a contest on Friday (since that’s when the weather will cooperate best… hopefully!). My botany class will be taking care of their plants in the greenhouse.

    Just another day at school, with a better focus on the Earth.

  • Trish The promised land

    We are having a fundraising Plant Sale at my son’s school Booksin Elementary. We usually have monthly farmers markets that we open up to our school community and provide organically grown fruits and vegetables that the children have grown and harvested.
    Whole foods markets donates baked goods, and we have a local bee man that supplies honey. I supply organic free ranged eggs, and a friend of mine supplies raw goat milk cheese.

    This market is primarily focused at our heirloom vegetables starts. I have been taking care of over 1000 heirloom tomatoes, and will be very happy to see them go off to new homes…

  • Non- Commercial? As in No Buying the lastest shopping bag or garden gadget??? 8-o
    I plan on doing like I do most wednesdays. Putter in the garden. Play with the dog, Go to work, eat no meat.

  • Last weekend I was going to go to an Earth Day fair to drop off some recyclables that area agencies were collecting instead of driving to each place individually, which is the norm where I live. But my husband was running at a local park before hand and came across a racoon that had a fishing lure stuck in it’s leg and stayed at the park until a ranger came to help the raccoon. By the time he was done with his 12 mile run the fair was over.

    It would have been nice to talk to some like minded people and learn about some other local organizations but that’s OK. Other than planning to go to the event, I’ll be doing what I always do. Except gardening, it’s supposed to rain Wednesday.

  • Supposed to rain here too. :) I have to agree with everyone that says “every day is earth day.” Maybe the challenge for those of us that believe that is to try to find some way to share that idea with others?

  • Every day is Earth day and I’m really not the consumerist type. I’ll enjoy a walk through a local park, maybe do some gardening…

  • On Saturday we went to the local park to fly kites and happened upon an Earth Day “celebration” while there. The kids enjoyed seeing vermiposting in action!

    crafty green poet – yes, *every* day is earth day!

  • teaching a gardening class at work, and if the weather is nice, puttering in the garden.

  • I am drinking Fat Tire beer. They can make up for how non-green I am. :)

  • How inspiring to read all these comments. It encourages me to think we all do really care about the earth and our children and grandchildren’s future. I suppose I spend a lot of time worrying and less doing, but every day it is uppermost in my thoughts as I go for daily walks and am reminded. I love your blog!

  • monica

    I will be planting a pear tree! I have wanted one since we bought our house–and I have FINALLY won!! YIPPEEEEE! :-) Probably no this year, but maybe next year–we can have some fruit.

    Plants need water to grow–then I won’t have to waste treated water. I will be trying to get out into the garden if I can–as long as I am not sinking past my knees. Ha
    Spring is finally really here! I just can’t contain myself–I need to plant!

  • Earth Day 2009 in Monterey, California: I savored this Earth Day Eve in the water of our magnificent Monterey Bay, riding the waves and remembering my first time surfing here back in 1977–and yet another reason to be a good steward of this National Marine Sanctuary. Tomorrow, I’ll bike into town for the Sustainable Cities Symposium, sponsored by the Monterey Institute for International Studies. Guest panelists include Bill McKibben, an author whose work I’ve long respected. Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

  • I came across this resource today: “Earth Day: 12 Spiritual Practices to Honor the Earth” , and I’m thinking that we might knock through this list of Earth goodness as a family.

  • I’m such a slacker in the Earth Day department. Always have been, though. I probably don’t count as doing non-commercial things too, since I bought some antibiotics today. Hope those aren’t bad for the Earth. But since they should be good for ME, and I can’t do anything for the Earth without ME being well, I guess I’m going to live with that.

  • I had hoped to have a similar post on my blog today! =) My plans are to plant the sweet peas I bought yesterday and finish filtering/bottling the dandelion wine for storage.
    enjoy today!

  • Isn’t this great? I told my husband this morning that I was putting up a post for Earth Day, and he said, “Earth Day? You mean ‘every day’?” :)

  • I admit, we went to see Disneynature’s “Earth” – beautifully done, but they missed a real opportunity to say “THIS is why we need to protect our environment. THIS is why we need to do our part to prevent global warming!” I wish they had taken a stance. We did also spent time outdoors, had an eco-friendly dinner, read some nature books and this weekend, we will do some planting. I’m a believer that small can be significant!

  • [...] of you wrote the other day that every day is Earth Day.  Your responses were wonderful – I love the meaningful things we all [...]

  • Thank you all so much for sharing the great things your doing and thinking about! It is so inspiring. I agree completely that every day is Earth Day. I ended up working all day on Earth Day, but very happily. I wrote about it here.

    Katecontinued, so sad that it was a great idea, but not completely followed through. Sounds like they needed someone like you to remind them to think it through a bit more! Deb G, “Maybe the challenge for those of us that believe that is to try to find some way to share that idea with others?” Great idea!!! Phyllis, Thanks for the encouragement! monica, congratulations. Stephanie, I hope you feel better soon!! “I can’t do anything for the Earth without ME being well” – I agree completely. Cheap Like Me, So great!

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