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In The Thick of Taxes

The travails of taxes are tremendous and a tad tumultuous at times, aren’t they?  Even with a friend who’s an accountant, and a fairly decent home filing system, there is still an awful lot of math and stressful running around finding papers from here and there.  Yowza!

So, if you’re wondering where I am, I’m sitting in front of the computer doing math.  And daydreaming about gardening.  It’s even a beautiful day!  Sigh.

I’m also so pleased to see so many newcomers to The Growing Challenge.  It’s not too late, nope!  You can participate at any time, though I recommend starting at the planning stage of the season if you can.  It will make it easier to plan for saving seed.  But it’s not essential!

At any rate, think of me thinking of all of you in your gardens, planting, prepping for the next season.  As I sit here in front of the rather unsustainable desktop computer staring at numbers!  I’ll be back soon.


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8 comments to In The Thick of Taxes

  • I hear ya, Melinda! Although I finished mine a few weeks ago, I spent much of this afternoon going through past financial files trying to decide what papers were safe to discard, mostly from an IRS standpoint. My compost bin is overflowing with shreddings and my shredder is threatening to go on strike. And it won’t even benefit my own garden because I’m not loading compost on the moving truck. LOL!

    Good luck with getting yours finished up quickly!

  • monica

    Taxes should only have 4-letters in the word.

    One year we were sooo ready: We got them prepared the first week we had all the papers from our employers. We had to pay an extra fee because we missed a statement from the bank. So now we take the slow road and wait until the lasssssst minute! We should just about $1000 back by the time we pay the preparer and village taxes. It is nice to have the state and federal owe us money back!!

    Tax season should be interesting with the new business. Keep track of all the receipts!!!

  • Christina

    As it’s been pouring rain in the SF Bay Area, I’ve been indoors on the taxes rather than outside in the garden the last couple of days (and looks to be the rest of the week!). With the economy so unstable, I get to have the joy of annualizing our estimated taxes during 2009; I sure wish the Democrats and other progressives thought overhauling the tax code was important :-)

    By the way, I know your posts get listed at Riot for Austerity – I can’t find a webmaster contact over there, but wanted to pass on the word that the link and RSS systems are seriously broken. A whole lot of gobbledgook gets tacked on and has to be manually taken off, at least in Firefox where I’m living; it’s the only site and feed I’m having that issue with, though.

  • SusanB

    Can you say extension, that’s me.

  • Yes. I was in the same situation. I finally got all my taxes back from the accountant and nearly filed, but I feel out of the swing of things, garden-wise. I really dislike having tax season being the same as seed starting and garden prep time.

  • I am grumpy because I just paid my taxes. The government punishes achievement and wealth producers because it’s not “fair” that some people get ahead with hard work. I guess I will be the one to pay for the welfare of others and the bailouts of failure.

    Hopefully your tax experience is more enjoyable than mine!

  • Hope it wraps up quickly for you!

  • Thanks, everyone – I should be back tomorrow… I hope!

    Chile, of course you finished yours early. You’re good like that. : )

    monica, agreed. And you’re so right – will be a whole new ballgame next year!

    Christina, LOL, it’s going to go back to horrible weather here just about the time I’m finished up. : ( Thanks for letting me know about the Riot For Austerity RSS feed. I’ll pass it on!

    SusanB, I know that word too well myself.

    Lisa, So unfair, isn’t it?

    Red Icculus, Definitely we’re not in the wealth producing category. ; ) But it’s not looking good anyway…

    Deb G, me too, thanks!

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