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A Wonderful Spring Surprsie!

It has been nearly a year now since we moved to Seattle – my how time flies!  Well, I was sure this would not happen until at least next year, but I have come upon a wonderful surprise….


My Little P-Patch Plot

Our New Plot


We have a community garden plot!!  One became available at the last minute, and I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s not at any of the three gardens for which I’m wait listed, so it’s a bit further from our home – over a mile away.  But it’s ours, and it’s ready to be weeded and planted.  So exciting!


On a beautiful sunny day yesterday, I walked to meet the garden coordinator and to be formally introduced to the plot.


Squire P-Patch


I’m really looking forward to gardening in this community setting.  I’ll be participating in some work parties throughout the year (it’s required), and I look forward to composting and gardening side by side with other food growers.


Squire P-Patch


Oh, I’m so excited I’ve already mapped out the plot with all the things we didn’t have enough space for at my mom’s, or that my mom just wasn’t inspired to grow.  Want to see?


Our P-Patch


Soybeans, beets, eggplant, bulb fennel, arugula and other greens, kohlrabi, kale, onions, carrots, rhubarb, and amaranth.  Wahoo!


I’ve been trying to go on daily walks, and now I have a destination….  This makes me very happy.


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23 comments to A Wonderful Spring Surprsie!

  • Oh, how wonderful.

    No matter how much you enjoy gardening at your parents place it must be great to have a space where you don’t need to answer to anyone about what you decide to plant.

    Kind Regards

  • becky

    very happy for you! a garden community would be such a wonderful destination for a daily walk.

  • Isn’t it amazing what you can fit and grow in a 10×10 plot? Congrats on your early plot achieval! Good luck!

  • Congratulations! And having a destination really helps with getting the walk in.

  • Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new plot…and new walking destination!

  • monica

    I love your drawing! It helps to group things together on paper. You can even save it and year later know exactly where your root crops were so they get rotated.
    Since you have a destination for your walk, you will be sure to get your excersize. However for harvesting, are you going to get a cart or wagon? I suppose a car ride a couple times a month wouldn’t hurt either. At any rate: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MAX!

  • I had a community garden plot some twenty years ago. Now, I have a 12×12 fenced garden in my backyard. Happy gardening!

  • Stacy

    Awesome news! I’m sure it will be a great experience, and you will get to meet all kinds of gardeners. That’s why I love my community plot, there are so many different people, with different expertise asking questions and learning new things, as well as sharing what they’ve grown!

    Be sure to keep us posted!

  • I’ve always thought that having a community plot would be so much fun. Meeting all the other gardeners and talking to them would be worth the trip of not gardening at home.

  • Very interesting, indeed! Sounds like a great way to accomplish two important things together. Good luck.

  • I need to get up to our p-patch and get it sorted. This nice weather is perfect for weeding! Congratulations! We love both our home plots and the p-patch!

  • monica

    I just clicked on the link to see how life is in Seattle. Very cool history! I love the pic where the girl is on the bench and the groom is sneaking up (that is You and Hubby???) I feel like I fit into this group of people trying to make positive changes.

  • Hi Melinda. That is great news. I can see the harvest now! I bet you are so happy.

  • Congratulations! I’m so envious. The wait list in our town is years. I’m in the second year of waiting but after reading this I’m going to send an email to simply check in with them. You never know what could happen. I love your planning chart. It’s beautiful.

  • Over a mile away is a bit farther than the other community gardens you applied to?! That’s only a twenty minute walk! What are you, in community garden city??? Geez. So excited for you! I’m jealous you got some space of your own!

  • Thank you for your kind words, everyone – I’m totally excited!

    monica, There’s a shed full of community tools, which means I don’t need to bring any tools with me so that’s good. As for harvests, I’ll probably just bring a grocery bag or two with me. I hope to be going by nearly daily, so I’ll just pick what we need for a couple of days. And yes, that’s me, the “girl on the bench” with my husband! I’m glad you’ve found a place here!

    Katrina, Our wait is years as well, supposedly. This p-patch is sort of on the edge of our community, so it’s less desirable and I just happened to see an email where they needed someone to fill it right away. So, I hope you, too, will be in the right place at the right time. : )

    Stephanie, Ha! I suppose I do live in a community garden city! There are 68 of them, with two more being built right now. But we are also in a very dense neighborhood, so the wait list is pretty long yet – still more gardeners than gardens, unfortunately! Do they have community gardens where you are?

  • I haven’t seen many here, or at school and definitely not at home. I do live right next to the university’s Botanical Garden, where they’re going to grow food too. I practically swooned over the plants starting in the greenhouse when I found them. But I don’t think they want people to help out or eat any of the food that grows, either. Sad. But I can’t wait to see it all grow.

  • Late to the party, but: way cool. And a mile can be just good exercise; now for some decent weather!

  • I love your garden plan and am so excited for you! A mile isn’t very far really.

  • [...] also been spending time on the front yard and the community garden p-patch.  The front yard will soon be full of herbs in addition to my mother’s ornamentals, [...]

  • [...] there you have it.  I’m proud of my little patch, considering that we just found out we had it during the second week of April.  It’s already time to start planting a second crop of [...]

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