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Why I’m Participating In Earth Hour Tonight

It’s not going to change the world overnight. It’s not going to save so much electricity in one hour, that we’ll stop the course of climate change. It won’t even change the way most people go about their everyday lives.

But just like this blog, our daily actions, and our annual votes, it will change some people. It will do some good. It will make me think about my life for an hour, it will show me what my city looks like only half lit up at night, it will probably change the way some companies light up their buildings at night, it will make some people think a little bit about their electricity usage, it will show a few politicians that their constituents care, it will bring some new people to the sustainability movement, and it will be one more voice in a growing chorus of positive change. …

Tonight at 8:30pm. (No matter where you are or what time zone you live within, it’s 8:30pm your time.) Try turning off your lights, try turning off all your electricity. And spend that time thinking about what else you can do, talking with your children about what this moment means, how you can do more…

Be deliberate. Have fun. And talk about it with your friends, family, and coworkers afterwards. Spread the word of positive change. Each little step gets us going further in the right direction!

You can find out more about Earth Hour here.

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7 comments to Why I’m Participating In Earth Hour Tonight

  • I am participating . . . just because. I agree whole heartedly with what you wrote, Melinda. And as a bonus, I have been letting my neighbors know too. Last night at a gathering to hear about city projects designed for mobile home parks like ours, I again brought up Earth Hour. I think we may have a little crowd of neighbors around a campfire. Yes, it will be spewing CO2 into the night – but the symbolism is still a win.

  • I decided with all the talk about the negatives of Earth Hour, I’d instead designate one day per week where I keep my computer off for the entire 24 hour period and go outside and explore instead. That way I actually stop using as much energy. The Earth Hour has passed for me already, and I was in a restaurant and had no idea it was going on. My 24 hours without computer didn’t work out completely — I turned it on once to get directions to meet a friend somewhere — but I went outside on a gorgeous spring day. I think *this* as a weekly thing is a much bigger impact *for me* than Earth Hour would be.

  • Nanette

    I can’t believe I forgot! I had talked to neighbours, chatted to friends and acquaintances, and shop assistants for days about it, then when the time came, I forgot!

    Maybe I can excuse myself as I only ever have one light on at night, and once I’ve cooked dinner and cleaned up, I turn off all my kitchen appliances, and perhaps the people I talked to and reminded remembered and made up for me.


  • Glad I came over to visit tonight…I’d forgotten! I agree that it really doesn’t do much in the scheme of things, but it’s important for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    I might spend some time knitting in the dark, but I think I’m going to go to bed. :)

  • Next day . . . only one neighbor showed up. She approached me with a candle to say there was someone all covered up in a sleeping bag on the ground by the campfire. Another neighbor was walking her dogs and said it was the teenage son of another neighbor. Kid is seriously troubled (from what I can’t pretend to diagnose). We thought it best to go back to our homes. I asked her if we might make a pact with each other to try and up the numbers next year. She was non-committal, saying she might if she wasn’t working. By my walk around the park, I saw that all lights were on – despite my email and the public advertising. Once home I felt no compunction to sit by myself without the computer. It was pretty disheartening. *sigh*

  • I posted about our candlelight supper and why we did it at But more than participating in a 1 night a year deal, I plan to use this as a springboard to continue changing my behaviors and to encourage my friends and family to change theirs.

  • katecontinued, Sounds like you had a similar experience to mine: disappointing. Will this affect your decision to participate next year? Why do you think people didn’t participate?

    Stephanie, Sounds like an awesome idea, and a good way to make it meaningful for yourself.

    Nanette, Ooops! : ) Well, you can always make it at another time. Have dinner by candlelight sometime this week – it’s fun to do just that.

    Deb G, I think next year we’ll choose to stay at home and have a more meaningful personal experience again. That worked much better!

    Willa, Great idea!

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