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Great Reading

Winner: Kitchen Herb Garden Seeds!

Wow, somehow a whole extra week went past!  Apologies, all.  I have been working and working away.

Thanks, everyone, for writing about your herb gardens.  It was really fun to read about every one of them.

So – congratulations to….

Brandi Jo!

She writes:  “It is our household’s goal to grow and preserve enough produce from our garden this year to get through (most) of the winter. Since I am a chef, it will be a fun challenge to see all the different homemade ‘convenience’ foods I can make to use later…”

Enjoy your seeds – please feel free to come back and share how you did with your garden!  And many thanks to Hometown Seeds for providing the seeds.


Giveaway: Kitchen Herb Garden Seeds!

As I continue burning the midnight oil at my office… let’s have a giveaway!

Hometown Seeds has graciously offered a free Kitchen Herb Value Pack to the lucky winner. They are a sweet little family-owned company – their seeds come in hand-packed bags with planting instructions.  And the seeds smell amazing

So Get Your Free Herb Seeds!

The only catch:  you have to tell us what you’re going to do with the seeds in your comment.  You can say anything, it’s just more fun to learn a bit about you!

So, where will you plant them?  Or who will eat the lovely herbs?  Or what does your garden look like?  Anything you can think of – just a little tidbit!

I’ll draw a random winner on Sunday.  You have until 6pm April 10th to enter. Don’t forget to say a few words about your garden!!

(P.S. In case you’re curious, I don’t receive money from these reviews and giveaways.  Free seeds and books occasionally, but that’s about it!)

What Fertilizer Do You Use for Tomatoes and Peppers?

Kevin’s Question…

Hi Melinda,

I appreciate the information you provided on your website about how to pollinate tomatoes and peppers.  Thank you.

Currently I am using Miracle Grow as a fertilizer… (I know…BOOOO!  HIIISSS!)…but I am hoping to move away from that once I feel more comfortable with my abilities as a gardener.

What is a more natural substitute and does this subsititute provide similar results to Miracle Grow?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.  Thank you.  :)

Take care,

I just received this email this morning, and thought I could throw it out to all of us to answer:  As you’re planning your gardens for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (or putting them to bed in the Southern Hemisphere)…

What Do YOU Use to Feed Tomatoes and Peppers??