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Our Fire Escape Garden

First Harvest in Seattle


Our first harvest! Hilarious, isn’t it? This sage went into Matt’s Polenta with Tuscan Vegetables the other night (yes, recipe is coming, Eco ‘Burban Mom!).


Ok, so don’t forget that this is just a fraction of our growing. My mom and I have planted a decent sized – but still urban-sized – garden at her place about 3 miles from here. We’ve heaved and hoed and dug and planted a heck of a lot of containers, pots, and some in situ stuff too. But that’s for another post.




Fire Escape Garden 6-25-08

Our fire escape garden on 6-25-08

Fire Escape Garden

Our fire escape garden on 7-14-08


Thyme, Rosemary, & Sage

Thyme, Rosemary, & Sage


Parsley & Mint

Parsley & Mint


Basil & Catnip

Basil & Catnip


We have bread seed poppies, bell peppers (from seedlings carried up from Geyserville), scarlet runner beans (saved from last year’s beans), oregano (carried with us from LA, grown by Matt from seed), mint (cutting from mom), black cherry tomatoes (carried from Geyserville), red leaf and genovese basil, and mixed greens with beet greens. Window boxes include basil, thyme, sage, rosemary, nasturtiums, catnip, and more greens. And a red geranium, because I’ve always wanted a window box with red geraniums.


It’s not an amazing amount of veggies, when you compare it to our old 2,000 ft2 garden (the fire escape is around 12-15 ft2). And I honestly don’t know if we’ll get a whole lot of beans, peppers, or tomatoes, because I planted late and we have a north-facing fire escape (not a whole lot of direct sun). But it’s something, and it makes me happy. I’m looking forward to our fresh greens – there is nothing like your own greens. If you haven’t grown them yet, do! The depth of flavor is completely different than store-bought lettuce.


Most of the herbs are perennial, so we’ll have them for a long time. Considering how much cut herbs cost these days, that’s a big money-saver! I truly believe growing our own food is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle, for many reasons. So if you aren’t growing food yet, I encourage you to try growing something. There are many things you can still grow from seed (in the Northern Hemisphere). If you are unsure about what to grow, feel free to ask me and I’ll offer up any advice I can.


So there you have the tour (finally)! Soon I’ll post about our bigger garden. I hear things have grown enormously since I saw it just a few days ago….


Here is the street view of our urban garden. One more window basket will be going into our remaining window this week, soon to be full of extra greens….


Street View of the Garden


Are You Growing Your Own Food?

What are you growing & harvesting? Anyone have a smaller garden, or have experience with balcony gardens? I could always use some advice!!