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What Renews You?

I’ve been working a whole lot lately, which has made me cranky and a bit down on the world.  It has also made me forget (a little bit) why I live the lifestyle I live.

It’s so easy to re-enter the old normal, isn’t it?  Sometimes, not always of course.  But sometimes when you are so busy, it’s easy to get take-out, or eat frozen packaged food from many miles away, and shop til you drop, and drive instead of taking the bus or walking, and in general just buy lots of stuff because it seems easier…

Usually my redefined normal is enriching, renewing, and embracing.  But sometimes… sometimes it feels like deprivation.  It feels like if I just stopped thinking about my impact on the world, it would be so easy.

And yet just writing this is giving me perspective again.  The reality is that we are not the only ones on this planet.  The reality is that we have a large impact on other people, other species, and other generations of people and species.

The diversity on this earth is mind blowing.  And it’s shrinking.  That thought is devastating.

But we can do something.  We can do lots of little somethings.  And when we do lots of little somethings, we have a positive impact.  When we live as though we care (because when we think about it, we really do care about other people and other beings), we are happier and healthier and more enriched.

My husband is gone to the Middle East for a business trip, and so I’m alone at home at night.  It is so easy to consume as if the rest of the world didn’t matter.  I walk past so many people every day who probably don’t think about all this, who don’t worry about the impact of their consumption.  And it is so easy to say “why not just be like that and not care.”

But once you care, once you know, once you understand and begin to redefine normal… You can’t really go back can you?  Now if I buy takeout I feel guilty, because I know what it’s doing to the planet, I know I’m supporting an unsustainable model.

All this circuitous writing is to say that today this is what brings me back, this is what renews me:  you.  Writing and the ability to be heard and be understood  – i’s a very powerful thing to have people around me who care and share in my journey.  Thank you.

So, my dear friends –

What Renews You?

What keeps you on your path, or what gets you back on the path if you step off?  Is it thinking about the future, talking with friends, reading to your children…. what renews you on the path of sustainability?

An Interview With Melinda on Living Sustainably!

BizyMoms Top Blogger

I’m still working away on some amazing projects that are keeping me beyond busy.  I’ll be back soon!!

In the meantime, I’ve been interviewed by BizyMoms as one of their Top Home and Garden Bloggers of 2010.  So cool!  I’m honored to be in the midst of  Ronda Hetzel and Susan Harris, both wonderful bloggers I admire.  Here’s what they’ve said about us:

Meet some of the world’s most exclusive bloggers on Home and Garden issues

Bizymoms has chosen some of the world’s top-notch bloggers who are maintaining hugely popular blogs to discuss everything related to home and garden. Bizymoms recognizes these wonderful men and women for their great endeavor to reach out to humanity using the extraordinary power of blogging in such a positive way. This is an exceptional series of interviews with these bloggers to get an insight into their bright minds, and to understand what they stand for when it comes to home and garden. This series comes exclusively from Bizymoms for its reader community. Check it out and learn something new and unique from each of these world-class bloggers.

It’s awesome to me that they’ve included a representative that writes about sustainability in their Home and Garden top blogs.  I do believe that is a bit of redefining normal, don’t you think??!

Anyway, please go check out my interview!  I’d love to hear what you think (comments there don’t seem to be working – sorry, they’re working on it, some tech problem – so until they fix that feel free to comment here).

“75 Frugality Blogs That Will Change Your Life”

Hi all, apologies for my absence this week.  It’s a busy week at the office, and I’ve been staying late.  I hope to have time to write more very soon!

In the meantime, Rose sent me a link to 75 Frugality Blogs That Will Change Your Life, which includes One Green Generation at #11.  :)  If you’re of the frugal green variety, there are some great blogs on this list.  Thanks, Rose!

My Grandfather's 99th Birthday

The King and Queen of the Party: My Grandfather and Step-Grandmother

Amazing isn’t it?  Both my grandfather and his second wife turned 99 this February.  It is just incredible to think about how much has changed in our world since 1911.  The number of changes he has seen in his lifetime, the fads, the technology, the friendships and the family members!  It puts life in a bit of perspective when you think about it spanning over 99 years.

Whole Family

We had a wonderful feast together, the 30 of us, from four generations.  I just wanted to share a bit of it with you today.  The little tyke in the back, toward the center (just above my grandfather) is my grandfather’s great great grandson.  WOW, right?

You can do a great deal with your life.  Little moments of despair really don’t often matter in the scheme of things.  Life is bigger, longer, and more powerful.  To think of how many people he has affected in big and small ways during his lifetime…it’s incredible.

A Triumphant 99 Years

Live long, be healthy, do what you want to do, and do it well.  Live life to its fullest.

Who Are You Out There In The Shadows?

Butterfly On Our Old Meyer Lemon Tree


It has been a long time since I’ve taken math at school, but I do know that there are about 1,000 subscribers and another 1,500-2,000 people visiting here each day.  Which means only about 5% of you all have left a comment here….

And that is totally ok, but I would love for you to come out for a peek, and tell me a bit about you.

Would You Take a Moment to Introduce Yourself?

Simple comments are fine – just take the plunge and write a few words!

I would love to know:  Where do you live?  What do you do for a living?  And how did you come to begin living a sustainable life?

Pretty Please?

Fun with Lifestyle Changes

Me and Raisin

Hi everyone, I hope you’re starting out the week happy and well!

Over the weekend, I created a new page at One Green Generation called “Lifestyle Changes” – you can find it at the top of the blog, in the navigation bar.

There you’ll find a link to all sorts of tips and tricks and inspirations surrounding how to change your lifestyle to a simple, green, frugal, and sustainable one.  Please let me know how you like it and if you have any suggestions!

Thanks so much for reading. ~Melinda

101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010 by WE Magazine!

WE Magazine

Woman Blogger to Watch

Hi everyone, check out this fabulous list of women bloggers… which includes me – wow!  So cool.  I feel so honored to be included!