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Organic Liqueurs: A Loft-y Review

Loft Package

I receive quite a few requests to review products, and most of them I turn down because I don’t like reviewing products, and quite truthfully I don’t use a lot of products.  For example, green cleaners don’t matter when all I use are vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide!

Well, a while back I was contacted by a fairly local organic liqueur company, and I… I couldn’t say no.  I’d never heard of an organic liqueur company – how fabulous!

So I let them send me a sample. It came in a cute little package like a little gift.

And it was heavenly.

There were several recipes tucked inside the box, but honestly I just poured and drank it straight.  Very tasty, not too sweet, pure and flavorful.

You can buy it in several stores in California, New York and Oregon, or online at John Walker.  It’s a little pricey, but it would be a wonderful gift to bring to a party host, or a pretty darn fun Valentine’s Day gift!

LOFT bottles

Learn more about Loft Liqueurs on their hip website.

Have a Safe and Truly Wonderful Holiday

Happy Holidays!


With Much Love,

Melinda & Matt


Good Morning!

I hope you all have had a lovely week.  I apologize – I hadn’t meant to take the week off from blogging.  Life caught up with me this week.  Many of you know about a year ago I started a new business – the worst time in a very long time to start a business!  So as you might expect, there has been some struggle to get it off the ground.  Well, we had an amazing week.  In addition to our bread and butter clients, we will sign a large client on Monday, and it looks like more large clients may be signing soon.  Hooray!

Apologies to you all, though.  I need to find a better way to incorporate writing into my daily routine even when I’m busy.  I welcome any suggestions you all have about ways to do that effectively!


We have some good friends in town this weekend. I’m working on some fabulous posts as well as a new challenge (!).  But it may be tomorrow or it may not be until Monday before you hear from me again.  See you soon!

Back Soon

I’m back home now, having had a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  At the moment I’m playing a bit of catch-up, so I’ll be back writing soon.  For those of you who spent some time Conversing while I was gone, THANK YOU.  Please continue to ask questions, voice thoughts, and so on until I get back – I’m learning, too!

How Did You Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Flowering Magnolia on Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!


I know many of you are mothers, and I want to wish you all a joyous and peaceful Mother’s Day.  Several of my good friends have recently given birth, so happy Mother’s Day to all you new mothers as well.  And, of course, to my mother.  She’s at a soccer game today, so we’ll be celebrating her day next weekend instead. We seemed to have started a tradition of having homemade currant scones, yogurt, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  I can’t wait!  How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?


Hello World

Cherry Blossoms In Bloom In Our Neighborhood


My the world looks more beautiful with the pile of tax receipts tackled and put behind me!  Thanks for your patience, everyone.  I’m looking forward to spending my free time writing and gardening again.

In my absence, it seems many of you have read articles from the archive.  I’m very pleased!  Thanks for your wonderfully thoughtful comments.  They mean a great deal to me.

I’m writing away this afternoon, so this week should be pretty filled with words – and actions! – once again.  I hope you’re enjoying your day, and I will see you tomorrow.  Ciao!


In The Thick of Taxes

The travails of taxes are tremendous and a tad tumultuous at times, aren’t they?  Even with a friend who’s an accountant, and a fairly decent home filing system, there is still an awful lot of math and stressful running around finding papers from here and there.  Yowza!

So, if you’re wondering where I am, I’m sitting in front of the computer doing math.  And daydreaming about gardening.  It’s even a beautiful day!  Sigh.

I’m also so pleased to see so many newcomers to The Growing Challenge.  It’s not too late, nope!  You can participate at any time, though I recommend starting at the planning stage of the season if you can.  It will make it easier to plan for saving seed.  But it’s not essential!

At any rate, think of me thinking of all of you in your gardens, planting, prepping for the next season.  As I sit here in front of the rather unsustainable desktop computer staring at numbers!  I’ll be back soon.