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Great Reading

Winner: Kitchen Herb Garden Seeds!

Wow, somehow a whole extra week went past!  Apologies, all.  I have been working and working away.

Thanks, everyone, for writing about your herb gardens.  It was really fun to read about every one of them.

So – congratulations to….

Brandi Jo!

She writes:  “It is our household’s goal to grow and preserve enough produce from our garden this year to get through (most) of the winter. Since I am a chef, it will be a fun challenge to see all the different homemade ‘convenience’ foods I can make to use later…”

Enjoy your seeds – please feel free to come back and share how you did with your garden!  And many thanks to Hometown Seeds for providing the seeds.


Tell Me About You!

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I’m working extra this month – to help pay off some old debt and start a savings account.

That means for the next few days, I won’t have a lot of time for writing.  I’ll be working hard on making a video for a local community-building organization.

The hours are a bit brutal – I’ll be working 14-18 hours a day.  Wah.  BUT it’s for a good cause (my local government) and it’s good for my family in the long run.


Tell Me About You!

We haven’t shared with each other much lately and I’d really love to know more about you.  So, please take a moment to introduce yourself and say a few words!

    1. What’s your name?
    2. What brings you here?
    3. What are you most passionate about in your life??


      I Have Food Poisoning

      Hi everyone,

      Sunday was one of the most wonderful nights for my grandfather – it was his and his wife’s joint 100th birthday party. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

      However, over the last few days, unfortunately about 80% of the guests came down with food poisoning afterward.  It is one of the worst flu-like viruses I’ve had in a long while, so I’m very slowly nurturing myself back to health.  My grandfather and his wife are ok – they are keeping hydrated and it sounds like they will recover well.

      I will be back soon.  Until then, please peruse past articles in the archives, visit our Facebook page, and take care of yourselves.

      With all my best,



      An Internal Celebration of Earth Day


      April 22 marks the 40th year Earth Day has been celebrated around the world.

      Over the last several years, I have watched Earth Day become increasingly a holiday about green products. And that is not to say that green products are bad – I’m ecstatic that there are so many wonderful alternatives to the things I need on a daily basis. I remember when I first became an environmentalist in college in the 90s. It was a tough world to be in – many people thought we were nuts. There were few alternatives to eating sustainably – farm raised anything couldn’t be found, organic was not a word I ever remember using, and very very few clothes or other daily items were sustainably made. So there are good things about a push toward green products and green consumerism, for sure.

      But this year I’m searching for a more internal, reflective celebration of Earth Day….

      Come read the rest at the co-op!

      I would love to read your thoughts as well – please stop and leave a comment!

      The DivaCup Giveaway Winner Is….

      DivaCup Giveaway!

      Thanks to, it is incredibly easy to generate a random number!


      Comment #33 is


      Congratulations, miriam – please contact me and we’ll get it off and running to you.  And thanks everyone for participating.  Since this was such a large response, I will host more giveaways soon!

      Taking The Weekend Off

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Last week was an incredibly exhausting week for me, so I’m giving myself some R&R time this weekend.  I’ll be back on Monday to announce the winner of the DivaCup Giveaway and more!

      Have a lovely valentine’s day, everyone, and don’t forget to keep your love green!


      Kreativ Blogger Award

      Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Rob.  Not only did he recently give One Green Generation a blog award, but he has also been a loyal part of this blog’s community since the very beginning.  Thanks, Rob!

      If you’re curious what Rob’s doing, check out his blog, Rob’s World.

      While I’m linking with love and calling out members of our community, I also wanted to thank some of our top referrers here in the past couple of weeks:

      Have a lovely Sunday, everyone – and please keep popping in to say a bit, if you haven’t already – I don’t know about you all, but I LOVE reading about each of you!!  Thank you all for having the courage to come out for a peep.