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All articles here are written by Melinda Briana Epler (that's me!) unless otherwise noted. I'm a documentary filmmaker, writer, and brand experience designer - I've dedicated my life to living a sustainable lifestyle and helping others do the same. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or thoughts for articles. Welcome!

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Great Reading

When You Align With The World…

Back in January, I wrote about this year becoming a Year About Me, making sure that I have what I need in my life and that I follow my own dreams.  These are the things many people have thought about in their 40th year, no doubt.

At mid-career, with many skills built up, a family and [...]

Back Soon - In the Meantime, Check Out Our New Website!

Hi all,

It has been a crazy few weeks for me.  Just about all really, really good.  But busy!

I’ve just launched our new website at Elements In Time.  Come take a look!

Working on several great projects, all good for the world.  I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing.

I’ll be back writing soon.  Miss you all!



We're Moving This Weekend!

Surprise!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were thinking we might move, and we decided to take the leap. So on Tuesday morning, we’ll awaken in a new home!

It’s not far – you can can see it from our current apartment (click to enlarge):

5 Reasons We’re Moving

To decrease our footprint. Our current apartment [...]

How To Find Your Way

For a week, I have been at a remote retreat on Cortes Island, British Columbia.  I was able to gather with a group of media makers who are all looking to create social change with their work.  I can’t tell you how rejuvenating and refocusing those moments were.

It was incredible to be among others on [...]

Back In Time: 3 Personal Product Changes

There are big changes and small changes along the path toward sustainability, and from my perspective, they all matter.  As I spend a week in the San Juan Islands, I thought some of you all might enjoy some of the most popular articles here at One Green Generation.

How To Make Your Own Deodorant [...]

Back In Time: 3 Spring Gardening Posts

As I take a step away to rejuvenate at a retreat called “Media That Matters”, I thought I would revisit some old posts that some of you may have missed.

Since there are some brand new gardeners to The Growing Challenge, I thought I’d start with basic gardening.

My Top 12 Easy Vegetables To Grow [...]

Are You Ready To Grow Yet???!!

Hi everyone – I hope you’re enjoying your spring!  The weather is just warm enough to start planting tomatoes here – I’m finally getting excited.

I wanted to cast another net out there to see if there might be a few of you lurking in the shadows… maybe you’re a little bit afraid to comment on [...]